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Hans Zimmer im Interview mit zahlreichen Videos
Hans Zimmer gives an interview with different video clips

Hans Zimmer spricht über Sherlock Holmes, Inception, Dark Knight, It’s Complicated

Hans Zimmer zeigt ausführlich sein Studio in Santa Monica mit zahlreichen Videoclips und einem interessanten Gespräch über seine aktuelle Arbeit an Inception. Unbedingt anschauen!

Geniesse alle Videoclips unter blogs.indiewire.com. ---

Composer Zimmer Talks Sherlock Holmes, Inception, Dark Knight, It’s Complicated

In many ways, the best thing about Sherlock Holmes is its score (released January 12), featuring exotic Hungarian and gypsy instruments. It’s one of about a hundred movie scores delivered by prolific German composer Hans Zimmer, who has earned six Oscar nominations; he won for The Lion King in 1994.

Articulate and charming, Zimmer invited me to his lair in Santa Monica, a sprawling complex housing other composers as well as rooms crammed with synthesizers, computers and towers of servers. He’s currently working on Inception for Chris Nolan, for whom he composed the score for The Dark Knight. He gave me a tour, showed me where and how he composes and explained his working process on the scores for Sherlock Holmes, It’s Complicated, Gladiator, and The Dark Knight. He even plays a bit.

See all the video clips here on blogs.indiewire.com

Thank you to Anne, from blogs.indiewire.com for this nice interview with Hans Zimmer. Very well done!

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Fabrice | 25.01.2010 | 10:57 | Schweiz
ich glaube da bist du nicht der einzige Aber promote unsere Website das macht uns bekannter und wir können mehr und mehr auftreiben und Leute gewinnen.

My-Gate | 25.01.2010 | 09:26 |
Thanks a lot!
Ich liebe jeden Clip mit Hans Zimmer und seinem Studio! =)

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